The Motherlode of Beans

Thank you @ranchogordo. It’s going to be a bean-feast weekend. Been tracking UPS like a hawk waiting for my Rancho Gordo delivery. I picked up my two favorites, Good Mother Stallard and (best ever!) Eye of the Goat and am trying 4 new (heirloom) beans. Two of the new varieties come from Rancho Gordo’s co-op program called the Rancho-Gordo Xoxoc Project, supporting genetic diversity and small production farms in Mexico. The Moro beans are a pretty mottled purple-black and the Alubia Blanca are a small, creamy-white bean. The other two I added to my cart were Vallarta and Flageolet. Trying to decide which one to cook this weekend, excited to try them all, but you can only eat so many beans at one time. But since we’ve cut back so drastically on meat, beans have been a super-staple in our kitchen. Viva la bean!


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